Translates Perfectly! Broadway in Chicago Presents Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Oriental Theatre (Through October 21, 2018)

In 1964, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was first published by Roald Dahl. In 1971, it was released as a film starring Gene Wilder. In 2005, a new film was released directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp.  In 2013, the musical version debuted in the West End. Now, in 2018, it opens at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago.

The first half is a bit slow, except for the exciting moment when Charlie finally finds the golden ticket. The magic of this story and of this production is in the second half, inside the chocolate factory. The Oopma-Loompa costumes are hilarious. The choreography of their dances is fantastic as well. Each child’s downfall is a highlight. August Gloop (what a funny costume) falls into the chocolate river. Violet Beauregarde blows up into a blueberry. Veruca Salt dancing with giant squirrels and then being declared a bad nut. Mike Teavee being shrunk into a TV. They all translate perfectly in this theatrical production.

Also, don’t forget the great music. “Pure Imagination”, “The Candy Man”, and “(I’ve Got A) Golden Ticket” sound great from this cast with a live band.

It’s a fantastic show for kids and adults alike. Get tickets now for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory through October 21

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Quinn Delaney

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