Review: The New Colony Presents Fun Harmless Warmachine at The Den Theatre (Through November 4, 2018)

Tom is bored at work and has no luck getting a girlfriend. When he’s not at work, he spends most of his time playing Iron Fate, an online multiplayer first player shooter (FPS). Within the game, he gets much more respect that he does at work. He eventually decides to join the Order of the Sword, a group of online gamers. They promise to get him revenge against the girls that have rejected him and increase his popularity in real life (IRL).


This story was inspired by Gamergate and online hate movements. They even mention the Late Week Tonight with John Oliver episode about the subject. The issue is that the story is mainly about gaming and the online harassment. The characters and plot seem like an afterthought. Also, the dialog is filled with very gamer specific vocabulary. The program has a glossary of terms on the back, but it covers less than half of the terms used. For non-gamers, this makes it very difficult to follow.


The best parts of the play are what happens offline. Examples of this are Tom’s interactions with the girl who rejected him and then with a new romantic interest. These scenes are very real and are often funny. Expanding on these relationships and more character development would greatly improve this show. Altogether, it’s okay as it is, but it could be much better.


Cost of a ticket: $20

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Half Price


New Rating Scale:

Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

Get tickets now for Fun Harmless Warmachine through November 4th.


Quinn Delaney

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