A British Farce! Noises Off at Windy City Playhouse (Through March 31, 2019)

It’s the night before opening day and the cast is not ready. They’re forgetting their lines, which objects they are supposed to be carrying, and their cues. The director is getting very upset as he watches his cast fumble around. Then, the set starts malfunctioning with doors being unable to be opened and other others not staying closed. In addition, the secrets of who is sleeping with whom start to be revealed and everything truly goes nuts.

This is a very British style play in the same slapstick style as Faulty Towers and The Doppelganger. The Benny Hill song playing during the mayhem would fit right in. It’s a roller coast ride of comedy!

The cast is hilarious. Erica Bittner is so funny as the assistant stage manager trying to hold everything together. Amy J Carle is great as the bumbling maid. Will Casey is a strong presence as the drunken veteran of the stage. Scott Duff with his pants around his ankles just may be the funniest sight of the night. Ryan McBride as Garry always wanting to just say one more thing during the rehearsal always draws laughter from the crowd. Alexander Quinones is fantastic as the stage manager trying to fill in for actors last minute. Just like in Becky Shaw, Amy Rubenstein’s character is trying to making everyone happy, which is a very difficult task. Rochelle Therrien is solid as the actress clearly hired for reasons having nothing to do with her acting ability. Lastly, Mike Tepeli (Shameless) is outstanding as the director absolutely going bananas the entire time.


Get tickets now for Noises Off at Windy City Playhouse through March 31st!

Cost of a ticket: $70
PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Half Price +
Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother


Quinn Delaney

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