Broadway Worthy! Porchlight Music Theatre Presents A Chorus Line at Ruth Page Center (Through May 31, 2019)

Twenty-four performers are auditioning to be in a chorus line. Only eight are needed for the show. After about ten minutes of dancing, six of the performers are dismissed. The remaining performers are asked by the director to talk about themselves and answer the following question: How did you get into dancing? Everyone has a deep story to tell.
Laura Savage is excellent as Cassie, the woman who had a relationship with the director. She expertly displays the awkwardness of the situation while pleading for a spot in the cast. Her chemistry is great with Richard Strimer, who plays the director. He is clearly conflicted over whether it’s a good idea to hire her.
Erika Evans is hilarious as Sheila, the woman with a very strong attitude. With just a look, she can get everyone laughing. Natalie Welch is superb as Val singing “Dance: Ten; Looks: Three”. “Tits and ass” she sings as she dances around the stage seductively! Also, Taylor Lane is delightful as Judy, always forgetting her number.
The show is two hours long without an intermission. This puts the audience through a marathon, just like the performers auditioning. It really should have a break.
This dancing and acting in this production are fantastic all around. The choreography is excellent. The music is superb. It is truly Broadway worthy.
Get tickets now for A Chorus Line through May 31st!
Cost of a ticket: $60
PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It
Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother
Quinn Delaney

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