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Mr. Wow! Cirque du Soleil Presents Volta in San Jose (Through March 24, 2019) and then in Chicago (May 18, 2019 – June 23, 2019)

Volta is a very entertaining show with many fantastic moments. Here are some of the best moments.

The trampoline scene with the two story wall in the middle: Can they add this to my local trampoline park?

01_MrWow_Photo_Matt Beard_Costumes_Zaldy

When Mr. Wow first appears on stage in his fantastic costume: Seriously, is this available for purchase as a Halloween costume?!

02_Unicycle7_Credit_Matt Beard_Costumes_Zaldy

For about half the crowd, when the unicycler removes his shirt: Has he ever eaten a carb?

01_VOLTA_Mr Wow_011_Photo_credit_BenoitZ.Leroux_costumes_Zaldy

The double dutch: Holy cow, they move so fast it’s a blur!

05_MrWowNightmare_Credit_Matt Beard_Costumes_Zaldy

The washing machine scene: A great bit of clowning that is really funny!


The woman being suspended by her hair: Wow, this in incredible!

14_VOLTA_BMX_004_Photo_credit_Matt Beard_Costumes_Zaldy

The BMX bikers: Watching them spin their handlebars and flip and then nailing the landing is like a shot of adrenaline!

Cost of a ticket: $70 and up (Note: There isn’t a bad seat in the house)
PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It
Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

Get tickets now for Volta in San Jose through March 24 and then in Chicago (May 18, 2019 – June 23, 2019).

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Incredible! David Blaine Live at the Chicago Theatre (June 16, 2018)

This is David Blaine’s first ever tour stop in Chicago. Last year was the first time he ever toured North America. In this show, he performs many of the tricks and stunts that he did in his movie, Real or Magic and many other TV specials. This includes having a volunteer from the audience push an ice pick through his arm, swallowing a huge amount of water and then spraying all of it out to put out a fire, and regurgitating a live frog! He’s way more than just a charming magician. He’s a stuntman and an incredible daredevil!

For the finale, he brings out a large glass tank of water for a stunt not covered by his insurance. First, let’s take a look at a little history.  In May of 2006, Blaine attempted to break the record live on ABC. He only managed to stay under for 7 minutes and 8 seconds, under two minutes from the record of 8 minutes and 58 seconds at that time.  On April 30, 2008, he broke the world record for breath holding on the Oprah Winfrey show. His time was 17 minutes and 4 seconds. On tonight’s show, he stayed under for 10 minutes and 33 minutes. It’s not a world record, but still very impressive considering most people can only hold their breathe for about 2 minutes max.

David Blaine new photo

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Emotional: Buddy Wakefield with Growing Concerns Poetry Collective at The Den Theatre (March 20, 2018)

The Growing Concerns Poetry Collective combines spoken poetry and hip hop, with original music and soundscape. McKenzie Chinn and Mykele Deville spin lyrical narratives while Jeffrey Michael Austin mixes pre-recorded sounds into beautiful soundscapes. It’s a fantastic collaboration that creates a very smooth vibe in the room.

Buddy Wakefield is a poet, a spoken word artist. He bares his soul on stage telling stories from his life which are full of serendipity. Tonight, he acknowledges the presence of the first person to whom he came out and how glad she has come. He also talks in depth about his former partner. He continues by performing a love poem he wrote for him. It was a very emotional moment, of which there are many in his performance. It’s clear why he won the Individual World Poetry Slam Finals watching him do his thing at the Den Theatre.


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Top Ten Moments at Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Presents Out of This World at the United Center (November 17, 2016)

There’s a reason they call it The Greatest Show on Earth. It will make you feel like a kid again with awe and excitement. Here are 10 of them:


  1. Contortionists bending in ways that seem impossible.146_20160613_00636_Edit


  1. Goats balancing on a spinning wheel.


  1. Lions standing on their two hind legs.


  1. Performers doing front flips off trampolines wearing ice skates.


  1. A tiger walking on its two hind legs.ootw_contortion


  1. Dirt bikes circling around a steel sphere narrowly avoiding collisions.


  1. The perfect timing of trapeze artists flipping through the air and then being caught by another person swinging.


  1. Many impressive feats were done on horses as they run quickly around in a circle in the center of the floor. One lady does the splits while being held up by two men riding horses.


  1. The most impressive was a woman who went around the horse’s neck with a look of complete concentration on her face.


  1. She then immediately tops herself by going around by passing underneath the horse and risking being trampled.


Get your tickets now for the United Center shows through November 27th!



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Chicago Dancemakers Forum’s 2016 Lab Artist Awards Celebration at Arts Club Chicago (July 15, 2016)

The Chicago Dancemakers Forum’s 2016 Lab Artist Awards Celebration takes place tonight at the Arts Club of Chicago. Upon entering, you see a woman lying on the stairs is visible. Someone asks her if she is alright. She responds, yes, she is a performer (Jessica Cornish – RDDI Chicago), and then continues to slowly fall with grace down the stairs. After you grab a cocktail upstairs, you then notice a group of three men sweeping. This is odd time to be cleaning up.  But wait, where are the dust pans? It’s another performance piece by Jamal “Litebulb” Oliver and the Era (CDF 2015). They sweep everyone into a circle and perform a very interesting dance number with the brooms.

Next, the 2016 Lab Artist Award Recipients are honored. This year’s winners are Chicago-based dance artists Pranita Jain, Carole McCurdy, Onye Ozuzu and Catherine Sullivan. Each will each receive $15,000 and additional support for the research and creation of new works. See videos about them here.

For more information about the Chicago Dancemakers Forum, visit their website.

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Fabulous! Paris je t’aime (Paris I Love You) at La Nouvelle Eve (May 5, 2016)

La Nouvelle Eve presents Paris je t’aime which translates to English as Paris, I love you. It truly is a love letter to Paris. The show begins with a fantastic cabaret dance with beautiful costumes.  Both the women and men are extraordinarily talented. A few of the women slide into splits and the crowd cheers. Then, one of the men slams down to a full split and the audience is amazed.

The performance continues as the dancers clear the stage and a pair of jugglers come on to the stage.   For their greatest trick, they invite an audience member on stage. The unknowing volunteer is from Australia.  The crowd is geographically diverse as there are people from New Zealand, USA, Turkey, and the UK in the audience. They sit their new assistant down and put a pair of glasses on his face, a cigarette in his mouth, and a hat on his head. The jugglers proceed to juggle bowling pins back and forth to each other. They knock out the cigarette, then the hat, then the glasses with a pin that bumps him on the nose! The Aussie wasn’t very pleased with the “accidental bump” but he played along and the audience loved it! The jugglers were very charming and their entire performance was fun and entertaining.

Most of the songs are in French, but all the performers address the audience in English. After another amazing dance performance with even more fanciful costumes, the next entertainer on stage is an “acrobat”.  This whimsical and quirky entertainer impresses his audience by balancing on a bunch of cylinders on their side and standing on them. The cylinders are very wobbly and he looks like he is going to fall the entire time.  The audience is delighted!

One of the best parts of the night was the dancing contest. The lead singer invites three men on stage to teach them a dance move. After a brief lesson, they dance one at a time for about 20 seconds each. It’s hilarious as they try to perform the dance move and then just improvise.

This is a must-see, English friendly, Parisian show. The balance of comedy and dance is perfect. Get your tickets now!

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Mission #69 Field Report – The House Theatre Presents The Last Defender at Chopin Theatre (March 11, 2016)

Our goal is to avoid nuclear war and achieve world peace. The engineering team must complete 20 tests in 20 minutes. These tests include flipping switches, pushing buttons, rearranging cords, and other tasks on a giant control wall. It’s very similar to the game Spaceteam in that you must shout technobabble to each other quickly. The hardest part of this task is that all 20 tests must be done in about one 1 minute. Only 2 two teams out of 69 have completed this task to date.

Another puzzle involves converting clock times to letters which spell out another instruction. Once this instruction is completed, a door opens to reveal another task. It’s a very exciting and challenging adventure with a burst of adrenaline each time a task is completed. Tonight’s team was well suited for the adventure with a great mix of leaders and followers. World Peace was achieved for only the 14th time out of 69 attempts. Smiles were on everyone’s faces as we cheered our outstanding victory. In the game, each person only sees about 25% of the puzzles. Thus, we all hope to return soon to attempt all the other tasks.

Sign up for a mission now through April 23rd at the Chopin Theatre!

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