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Review: The Library at The Great Escape Room Chicago (May 28, 2017)

You have 60 minutes to prove yourself worthy and escape the room. There are four color coded stations. Each station lists the number of clues available in the room (from 6 to 21) and each clue has a colored sticker on it. This makes it easy to determine what is a clue and what is not. The clues involve blacklights, an old board game, combination locks, tools, and more.


Tonight’s team consisted of 3 groups totaling 10 people. All the groups worked together well solving the puzzles. It seemed like we had a very slow start, but then all the pieces started to fall into place. We used the magnifying glass on the green puzzle to learn that an item in the room probably should have also had a green sticker on it to identify it as a clue. This freed up the group to focus and complete the other three puzzles and lead to a new record time of 49:22!

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Quinn Delaney


Fun and Challenging! Operation G.R.A.N.I.E. at Escape Artistry (May 13, 2017)

A special agent has gone off the grid and retired agents, like Granny, are being reactivated to help find her. A metal container which holds the key is locked shut by 9 different locks. The combinations and keys can be found by searching the room for clues. The clues involve chess, a globe, rugs, glass, silverware, a Lazy Susan, a piano, and many more things you’d find in a grandmother’s apartment. There are also a lot of things that are not used, which makes this room challenging.


Team Granny Lovers consisted of 9 agents with a good amount of previous experience. They worked together well and were able to escape just in the nick of time using the three clues allowed. The guide did an excellent job giving us just enough of a hint to lead to the answers.


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Quinn Delaney

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Victory! Portlandia at Escape Games PDX

In Portlandia, your roommate has hidden the rent money and you have one hour to find it before your landlord kicks you out. Portland trivia is useful to know to help find the cash, but there is also a travel book in the room with the answers. This room features a very fun surprise that had the whole group excited to discover. Connect 4, Plinko, math problems, combination locks, blacklights, craft beer, and magnets are all used in this adventure.


Team Vancouver had 8 people who all knew each other and had all played an escape room before. Add in two more people and it made for a very strong team that was able to find the money with 2 minutes to spare. There were lots of puzzles to do at the same time, which makes having a large team very useful.

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Quinn Delaney

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Challenging and Fun! Escape from 20,000 Leagues at Puzzle Break Seattle (March 12, 2017)

Escape from 20,000 Leagues finds you trapped in an underwater laboratory. You have one hour to escape. There are many boxes and panels with combination locks on them. Clues are all around the room that help you find the combinations. Solving a word drop, a giant puzzle, a word scramble, and math equations are all part of the journey. Also, plumbing, bioluminescence, and remote controls are involved.

This escape room is quite difficult to complete in only 60 minutes. Only 14% of teams are able to open the door. Team Squid came up short, but they did do better than most teams according to the facilitators in the room. There was only one panel remaining on the control panel. Also, the team consisted of three separate groups who had never met each other. If only there was an option to buy an extra 15 minutes, escape could have been achieved!

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Quinn Delaney

Exciting! The Crimson Storm at Phoenix Escape Room (February 23, 2017)

You and your fellow pirates are locked up to the wall and you must escape and find the treasure before time runs out. It’s an exciting adventure as you search the room for clues. Be sure to bring your reading glasses, as the writing and numbers can be quite small. The clues include cool features like a black light, magnets, a sword. The music played sets the scene well as you try to solve riddles which will reveal the combination to a variety of locks (numbers, letters, directional, and keyed).

The game is for 2 to 6 players and the success rate is currently at 23%. Nobody is in the room with you, but you do get clues from the screen. With only 2 people, Team Delaney came up just short with two puzzles still left to solve. Being able to extend the time would be an exciting option.

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Quinn Delaney

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Top 10 Moments in Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding at Chicago Theater Works (October 8, 2016)

(Listen to this song while reading the review)

Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding is a night of all the best parts of a wedding without any of the stress of an actual one. Here are 10 of the best moments.


  1. Sing along to and listen to the future nun belt out “Jesus Is Just Alright”. Don’t sing during her solo though! By the way, Robert Randolph’s version is great too (this is the song at the top.)


  1. Score drugs from the best man.


  1. Eat bottomless pasta, salad, and cake.


  1. Slow dance to Prince’s “Purple Rain” as sung by Donnie Dulce.


  1. Catch the bouquet or the garter.billy-minshall-as-father-mark-hannah-aaron-brown-as-tina-alisha-fabbi-as-sister-albert-maria-and-mitchell-conti-as-tony


  1. Beat up the drunken ex of the bride.


  1. Dance to YMCA, the chicken dance, and join the conga line!


  1. See the priest get loaded and slur through his blessing.


  1. Witness Tony almost get in a fight with a random driver while blocking traffic on the walk from the church to the reception!


  1. Watch the nun close out the show by singing Last Dance by Donna Summer!



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Quinn Delaney

Challenging! Escape Artistry Presents The Railcar at Flatiron Arts Building (May 29, 2016)

You are trapped on a RTA subway car and you only have one hour to escape. There are many compartments in the train with locks. The combinations can be discovered by solving math word problems, riddles, and other puzzles. The tasks range in difficulty from very easy to quite difficult. Teamwork is essential to solve all the puzzles in time. As the time winds down, if your team needs them, clues are revealed to help you solve the puzzles you are stuck on.

Team Hmmm came up just short of escape. Only one puzzle remained when the time ran out. It was a very exciting interactive experience. If you enjoyed Last Defender or Trapped In A Room with a Zombie, you’ll definitely enjoy this one.  Get your Railcar ticket now!

Quinn Delaney

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