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Chicago Humanities Festival: Sounds of Freedom Review

It’s a cool day in Chicago, but at least the sun is out and lighting up the magnificent UIC Forum.  With it’s large windows all around, it stands out on campus.  The event is taking place on the second floor in rooms GHI, three adjacent rooms with sliding walls to divide them for other uses.  Today its all open with a stage up front containing a single podium.  To each side, large screens are being projected.  They are showing slides about the festival including a quote from the Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel.

Johari Jabir is introduced and he takes the stage. He begins by explaining that he will not be singing today. The description of this event (http://chicagohumanities.org/events/2014/journeys/the-sounds-of-freedom) was a bit misleading. An hour of music is not in store but rather a lecture about music.  Oh well, on to the next event!