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Wicker Park Fest vs Taste of Lincoln Ave

We’re right in the heart of summer of Chicago. And summer in Chicago means festivals, and lots of them. This weekend, two of best festivals go head to head. Wicker Park Fest and Taste of Lincoln Ave.

Wicker Park Fest

Wicker Park Fest is know for having one of the best lineups of the year for street festivals. This year is no different with Headliners RJD2, Reverend Horton Heat,
Diarrhea Planet, and JEFF The Brotherhood.

As the Songkick user ben-stauffer puts it, “JEFF The Brotherhood mixes earwormy guitar riffs (two-minute long “Shredder”) with slower dirges (six-minute plus “Whatever I Want”), keeping the audience’s attention with a variety of speeds (but mostly up-tempo). Fan favorite “You Got The Look” is bound to get you pumpin’ your fist in the air. ”

Also, be sure to catch one of Chicago’s best, Sidewalk Chalk. A unique band that reminds you of the sounds of Lupe Fiasco.

Taste of Lincoln Ave


TOLA is one of the largest street festivals with stages for all tastes. The Wrightwood stage features cover bands of all styles. The Altgeld Stage features the finest Chicago blues. And finally, the Fullerton Stage features great indie rock with this years headliners being Gin Blossoms, Super Happy Fun Club, and Rusted Root.

An anonymous Songkick user wrote, “it was interesting to see them [Gin Blossoms] return. The crowd was full of people in their 30’s and 40’s. These were longtime fans just like me. The lights dimmed and ‘Hey Jealousy’ began to play. I was immediately transported back to the mid 90’s. The band sounded and looked great as they smashed through ‘Allison Road’ and ‘Found Out About You’. For the next 90 minutes the Gin Blossoms transformed the crowd to another time. The music has proven to be timeless, with the band sounding fresh and energized.”

Be sure to catch Super Happy Fun Club, featuring Stubhy from Lucky Boys Confusion. Here he is describing the origin of their name: “We were tossing around band names and we had a few that were decent – the Whitneys, the Chicago Dropout Club, etc. but nothing that really popped out. When I brought these names up to one of my friends her reaction was – “Why are all your band names so damned depressing?!!” I told the guys her comment and Jeremy, our bassist, responded with “What the hell does she want us to call ourselves – the Super Happy Fun Club?!!” There was a pause and knowing smile all around and we realized that we had just come up with the most ridiculously awesome band name!”

The Songkick user Han93 writes: “Rusted Root offer a unique fusion of acoustic, rock and various modes of world music. Their distinctive sound features heavy percussion with Native and Latin American influences. Rusted Root have released seven studio albums, the latest being their 2012 work, ‘The Movement.’ However, the band’s most famous song remains ‘Send Me on My Way,’ which featured on the soundtrack to the 1996 film, Matilda.”

-Quinn (Founder)